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Sharing 98% Of Our DNA With Chimps DEBUNKED!

Have you ever heard that we share 98% of our DNA with chimps? Ah yes, the scientists, atheists and Darwinian evolutionists love to throw that one around. I had always heard that all my life and it

Have you ever heard that we share 98% of our DNA with chimps?

Ah yes, the scientists, atheists and Darwinian evolutionists love to throw that one around.

I had always heard that all my life and it always seemed to me like it HAD to be bogus, but I never really saw anyone challenge it.

Until now.

We here at LGD are huge Rob Skiba fans.  If you don’t know Rob, he originally made a name for himself by teaching the truth behind Genesis 6:4 — the story about fallen angels, Nephilim and their role in the coming end times Great Deception.

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As if that wasn’t far out enough for most people, in about 2015 Rob pivoted and began talking about Flat Earth.  By his own testimony, Rob says this caused many people in the “in crowd” to blacklist him and he lost many speaking engagements and deals.

But we’re here to say unapologetically that we’re huge Rob Skiba fans for the complete body of his work.  No one does it better.

Recently, we came across this video where Rob had found a video from a group of scientists who decided to tell the truth about the whole story that we share 98% of our DNA with chimps.


Spoiler alert: it’s junk science and they just exposed it!

This video is so incredible, so we had to share it with you here.

Friends, THIS is the type of deception Christians have to deal with on a daily basis.  Scientism has such a hatred of God and the idea of a Creator that they will do anything to mislead people into not believing the truth of the Bible.

This is a short clip but so powerful.

And as Rob points out, this is not made by a Christian.  It’s made by someone who believes in evolution…..but they told the truth about the bogus statistic.  Credit where credit is due!


We think the end of the video is especially powerful.

In case you missed it, there really are only THREE possibilities for how we got here (on Earth).

One of the biggest questions in life is why are we here and how did we get here?

There really are only 3 possibilities:

  1. The creation account in Genesis is true.  Creator God, YHWH, created us, the Earth and everything in the universe.   He made everything out of nothing.

  2. The story of evolution, where nothing suddenly exploded into something, which then began replicating and eventually over billions of years and an infinite number of multiverses our universe came to be.

  3. Life on Earth was created by an intelligent creator, just not the God of the Bible.  It was seeded by aliens who came from distant universes millions of years ago.  They seeded life here and set everything in motion.  In short, the Ancient Aliens theory.

A couple notes about these options.

In order to believe #2, you have to disregard the Law of Entropy.  Note I said “law” not “theory”.  Entropy is a law in science and it applies to every field in science without exception……except, that the evolutionists can’t allow for it when it comes to biology.  So they just don’t talk about it.  But the truth is, we are devolving as time goes on (consistent with entropy) we are not getting better.  Our DNA is mutating and breaking down from generation to generation, not getting tighter.  For more on this concept, look up Trey Smith, The Theory of Everything.

Also, to believe #2 you have to deal with the fact that science has never once actually been able to produce, document or repeat actual evolution from one species to another.  There is no evidence of macro evolution anywhere in the scientific record.  Even with fruit flies, where we can experiment with thousands of thousands of generations due to their short life span, scientists have never been able to get fruit flies to evolve into anything other than fruit flies.  Hmmmm.

Also, to believe #2 you have to deal with the fact that the fossil record has exactly ZERO “missing links” that have ever been found between primates and humans.  There are some they claim are missing links like “Lucy” but those have been largely debunked.  Also, if there was an evolution as they claim, there would not be one or two “missing link” specimens in the fossil record, but millions of them over millions of years as the evolution happened.  Yet we can only find one or two examples (at best).  Odd.

So most people who are being honest realize that theory #2 is bankrupt.  It was intriguing when Darwin came up with it, but modern science has largely eliminated it as a real contender.  Which is why many people believe the deniers of YHWH will eventually need to shift into Option #3.  Think that’s weird?  It’s not.  It’s coming.  You’d better get ready for it.  The very fact that Ancient Aliens is into something like 13 seasons and is on multiple times a day on the “History” Channel tells you about all you need to know.  They’re working overtime to bring this into the mainstream.  Of course, for the logical among us, Option #3 really does nothing to answer the question of how the world got started, it just kicks the can down the road to the aliens.  Where did they come from?  Yeah, they don’t like to talk about those kinds of questions.

Which is why I am proud to stand firmly on Option #1.  How about you?

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Love to hear what you all think in the comments below!


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