Leave It To A Great Comedian To Explain Why Atheists Make No Sense!

Norm! I have always loved Norm Macdonald.  I personally think he's the greatest comedian living today, and I'd be willing to put him up against any of the all time greats.Hard to even pick a favorite,


I have always loved Norm Macdonald.  

I personally think he’s the greatest comedian living today, and I’d be willing to put him up against any of the all time greats.

Hard to even pick a favorite, but his stand up album “Me Doing Standup” is what I believe to be the most perfect album ever released.

If not that, his bit on the Bob Saget Roast has gone down in comedy history as one of the best bits to ever be performed.

And if I had to pick a third favorite, it would probably have to be his emotional send off to David Letterman on his last show ever.

It was touching and of course hilarious, with the Germany bit being praised by all of his peers:

Now I know all of those have some bad language, but deal with it.

You know who else used bad language from time to time?  Paul.

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Anyway, getting to the point of my article, in addition to being really, really funny, Norm is also highly intelligent.

The bumbling buffoon routine only works for him because he’s incredibly intelligent.

And so when I came across this clip, I was blown away by his insight.

I’d actually never heard anyone phrase it like this, but leave it to a comedian to see the world differently from the rest of us.

Leave it to a comedian to perfectly cut to the heart of the issue and point out what later seems so obvious!

From the video below, I was blown away when I heard Norm say this about atheists and their inherent contradiction of themselves:

“Atheists spend a lot of time thinking about something they pretend to not care about.  For instance, if you see an atheist, you will never see an atheist argue that God doesn’t exist because the tenets of Scientology are absurd.  They will always pick Christianity.  So it’s very interesting that they choose the God that they decide doesn’t exist….which means, really, they’re choosing the God they think exists.”

Wow, isn’t that so powerful?

It’s true!

I have NEVER heard an atheist say they don’t think Mohahttps://youtu.be/scaH7harxjg?t=525mmed’s God exists, or that Zeus doesn’t exist, or that whatever space-god of Scientology doesn’t exist.

No, listen closely and you’ll hear they are always saying the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob doesn’t exist!

Powerful Norm, and very insightful!

Thank you for giving us that insight.


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