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Famous Prophet Just Said It: Pope Francis IS the False Prophet of Revelation!

We've actually been saying it for a while now. Regular readers of LivingGospelDaily will know we're no fan of this Pope

We’ve actually been saying it for a while now.

Regular readers of LivingGospelDaily will know we’re no fan of this Pope….and for good reason!

In fact, we’ve come right out and said it before, this is no Pope at all, in fact we believe he is the False Prophet spoken of in Revelation.

And now we have some heavy lumber backing us up.

If you don’t know Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, you should get to know him.  He’s an outspoken prophet from India and not afraid to speak what the LORD tells him.  And boy does he have a lot to share!

Like in 2016 when he predicted Donald Trump would be elected President when everyone else said there was no chance!  More on that in this great video.

So he has some credibility because much of what he’s said in the past has proven to come true – often times against great odds!

Here he is on the Jim Bakker Show telling Bakker something very chilling.  The False Prophet is alive on this Earth and he’s currently heading up the Vatican. This is not Sadhu’s opinion, he says very clearly that the LORD told him this very plainly.


Take a look:


So, what do you think?

Is Sadhu right?

If so, we are so much further along in the end times events than most people think.  Folks, if the False Prophet is alive (and he’s 80 years old by the way!) then that means the Antichrist is also here, or will be very soon!  Imminently!

It also means the Two Witnesses will be making their appearance soon.

It also means we are close to entering the Tribulation.  And finding out if there will be a Rapture (spoiler alert, Sadhu says no!  He says God told him that’s a wrong teaching).

Wow.  Is your head spinning yet?

More from Sadhu, proven right in 2016 saying Donald Trump would win the election well in advance, while the Mainstream Media gave him less than 9% chance of winning on the morning of the election!

Take a look:

Did Time Magazine out the Pope as the False Prophet already?

It’s subtle, but take a look:


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  • Cher Krause February 27, 2018

    But is this prophet 100% correct? Test

  • nunyadambznss April 7, 2018

    Did Jesus not fulfill the law and the prophets and say it is finished? I’m skeptical when someone literally says they’re a prophet reminds me of the many so called churches we have today with “prophets” that ultimately end up being cults at the end of the day…When the media gave trump no chance of winning I was still saying he’d win too. Does that make me a prophet? No, it means that I know the left is still the minority in America although the media and the loudness of the left’s voice would have you believe otherwise. There’s still many of us today that are totally against all of the liberalism and still stand with God. We just aren’t quite as loud and barbaric as those against God so therefore our voices are drowned out in the sea of roaring waves.

  • Believer April 7, 2018

    “Spoiler Alert”: He’s a false prophet hearing from Satan (lies mixed with truth)…
    There is in fact a rapture – the greek word is harpazo and it is the living who are “caught up” in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air in 1Thess.4:15-18. And 1Cor.15:51 – we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed.

  • Laoshir June 10, 2018

    Many Prophets said Trump would win. How do wevlnow Shadu is not riding on their shirt tails?

  • Laoshir June 10, 2018

    Shadu mixes the word tribulation and God’s in a prophecy I watched about the christians going throigh the Great Tribulation. Hmm…

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