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Pope Attacks Trump Again, “You Must Believe In Climate Change!”

Call me old-fashioned

Call me old-fashioned…..

….but I like my popes when they’re telling the world to believe in Jesus Christ, not in Climate Change!  

What a novel concept.

But I rarely ever hear this current Pope talking about Jesus Christ.  I hear him talking about all sorts of other political issues.  I mean, are you kidding me Pontiff?

And today was no different, as he launched another thinly-veiled attack on President Trump and Trump supporters, saying: “history will judge those who refuse to accept climate change!”

Listen, Francis, you literally have one job:  teach people about Jesus.  Why in the world do you waste all of your breath on violent illegal immigrants and pushing the climate change agenda?

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Here are more details of this breaking story, from The Independent:

Pope Francis has said that “history will judge” those who refuse to accept the science of climate change.

“If someone is doubtful that [climate change] is true, they should ask scientists,” he told reporters aboard the papal plane. “These are not opinions made on the fly. They are very clear. Then each person can decide and history will judge the decisions.”

The Pope is a strong supporter of the Paris climate agreement, a pledge by almost 200 countries to reduce emissions linked to climate change. Donald Trump pulled the US out of the agreement in June.

Asked whether politicians have a responsibility to work with other countries to prevent climate change, the Pope responded: “All of us have a responsibility, all of us, small or large, a moral responsibility.”

“We have to take it seriously. We can’t joke about it,” he added. “Each person has their own. Even politicians have their own.”

His Holiness spoke as Hurricane Irma pummelled Florida with punishing wind and rain. Days before, Hurricane Harvey had submerged parts of Texas in massive floods. Some experts predict the combined damage could cost the US economy up to $290bn.

Scientists have long warned that the warming of the Earth’s oceans and atmosphere could strengthen future hurricanes. The latest storms marked the first time two Category 4 hurricanes had hit the continental US in a single hurricane season.

“If we don’t turn back, we will go down,” Pope Francis told reporters ominously.

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Not to us, O Lord, not to us,
But to Your name be the glory
Because of Your love and your faithfulness!

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  • maggoting November 3, 2017

    As a practicing Catholic, I do love my Holy Father because of who he represents. I do however think that he has been misinformed somewhat in his current politics. I have read that there are around 32,000 scientists throughout the world that do not adhere to Global Warming. Of course we have always had Climate Change as we had an Ice-Age that melted without human intervention. President Donald J. Trump should be lauded by Francis as the Commander-In-Chief who put Jesus Christ back into the schools after the previous president had taken HIM out. The previous president also advocated same-sex/transexual toilets of which Mr Trump has since remedied. The previous president also advocated Abortion of which Mr Trump has been trying to unravel. Mr Trump is bringing back Christianity, whereas the previous president did everything in his power to dismantle it. Why is the Holy Father not accepting or appreciating the efforts of this wonderful current American President, but enters into the worship places of idealism that believes in something that is contrary to our beliefs. The First Commandment : Thou Shalt Not Have False gods before ME. is something that we should never be entertaining. There are hundreds of thousands of Christians/innocents that have been murdered in the name of islam and there will be countless more from this evil before its completion. Please Holy Father, understand what President Trump is doing for the benefit of our world.

  • Don Marte November 5, 2017

    Is Francis the 8th king? Another paid for Soros puppet? The world’s leaders are so extremely misguided on everything, that it can only be to the influence of satan. Resolution; prayer & repentance per our Lady of Fatima. This is the 100th anniversary of Fatima. God Blees.

  • Sue Blake February 27, 2018

    Doesn’t The Pope know what Revelations predicted about the end times through John on The Isle of Patmos given to him by the power of The Holy Spirit??? You will be unable to tell one Season from the other, there will be more and more catastrophic storms of all kinds, and we are not to focus on these things but anticipate the return of our Lord. It’s sad to know a leader of the most financially, politically, and powerfully followed organized religions is putting more emphasis on such matters and sidestepping the Message of Christ in these trying end times. God help us all!!!

  • aVet March 24, 2018

    says the head of the most prolific pedophile ring the world has ever known…..

  • Brad tangerine December 2, 2018

    I love sucking penis and I am a man who drives a biofuel car

  • Brad tangerine December 2, 2018

    seriously though how are people so misinformed

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