Justin Bieber Stops Live Concert to Sing Christian Worship Song; Speaks of His Conversion Experience

This may not surprise you, be here at LGD we're not exactly huge Justin Bieber fans. Don't get me wrong, we don't dislike him. Actually, we have to admit a few of his songs are very catchy.

This may not surprise you, be here at LGD we’re not exactly huge Justin Bieber fans.

Don’t get me wrong, we don’t dislike him. 

Actually, we have to admit a few of his songs are very catchy.  Especially the Janick cover of Love Yourself.  Ok, even the original Love Yourself is good.

So we’re not haters, we just don’t follow his every breath and move.

But recently when we saw this we had to stop and take notice.

The world famous Justin Bieber stopped a concert to walk over to a couch and sing “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever” with an acoustic guitar.

I’m sure you know the song, it’s one of the oldest and most popular modern Christian songs out there.  Even if you’ve never set foot in a church, I’m willing to bet you’ve heard it.

We’ve got the video below for you, but first here’s some more on Bieber’s story, because it’s a good one.

From GodTV:

You may have heard Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz discuss Justin Bieber’s 3 AM bathtub baptism, but wait until you hear Justin’s own take on his return to Christianity. In a recent interview with young radio sensation Zach Sang, Justin was awkward and uncomfortable at times but completely committed to explaining his change of heart. You don’t want to miss his amazing testimony. Plus WATCH him lead worship at his concert in Paris after the jump!

Raised in a Christian home, Justin passively learned basic Biblical principles–Jesus saves, God loves you, blah blah blah. It was never real to him. When he witnessed Christians trying to earn God’s love by showering insincere blessings on others, he ran from Christianity.

Not secure in God’s love, Justin easily wandered into shady shenanigans. But his actions didn’t fly under the radar; he had to endure to the scorching beam of the spotlight. To this day, there’s no shortage of tabloids that continue to rehash Justin’s lowest moments, simply for entertainment. Meanwhile, he has struggled to dig his way out of a mess.

Justin admits that during this “uncomfortable phase” he felt lost because his soul was in a “weird place.” He decided to take a gander back to Christianity to see if he had missed anything the first time.

A new kind of Christianity–at least one that was very different from his childhood understanding. For 2-3 weeks he stayed with Hillsong NYC Pastor Lentz, feeling like he “wasn’t good enough to be around these people who were ‘perfect.’”

But during this time, God worked through Pastor Lentz to reach Justin, teaching him that it wasn’t about his perfection or imperfection, but rather God’s perfection–and His love. 1 John 4:19 broke through Justin’s hardened heart: “We love because He first loved us.”

Once Justin learned that God’s love comes first–and inspires human love–, his whole life changed. He realized that, “He loves you no matter what. It doesn’t mean you can go do what you want … But if I love my girlfriend, I’m not going to cheat on her because I love her so much .. You develop a relationship with God [and] you don’t want to … be judgemental .. [or] hurt people.”

What an amazing story!

Ok, now here is the video from the concert, and honestly it’s worth the time to watch.

Well done, Mr. Bieber!


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