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BEWARE “Esoteric” Teachings….They Are Not Christian

I hesitated to even write this article.  I didn't want to bring more attention to this topic than it deserved, but ultimately I decided it's best to let light SHINE on the darkness. Here's what happened. We

I hesitated to even write this article.  I didn’t want to bring more attention to this topic than it deserved, but ultimately I decided it’s best to let light SHINE on the darkness.

Here’s what happened.

We recently published a tremendous sermon by Pastor Dan Mohler.  Now, if you don’t know Dan, you’re missing out big time!  I don’t know anyone who lives the transformed Gospel life better than Dan.  Here is one of his amazing talks and you can find more on our Videos page.

Someone sent us a message about that post saying this:

If you like Dan Mohler, You will love Bill Donahue, he takes it to the next level with the esoteric teachings of the bible.

I was immediately on guard by the word “esoteric”.  Folks, if you don’t know, I want to give you a great rule of thumb that you need to commit to memory.  Any time you see words like Esoteric, hidden wisdom, ancient knowledge, theosophy, secret teachings, light bearers, enlightenment, mysticism, new age….RUN FOR THE HILLS!

These are not Christian teachings!

While many of them promise you will get “hidden, ancient knowledge” but in reality it’s nothing new under the Sun!  It’s the same old lie the Serpent was telling in the Garden of Eden!  Folks it’s nothing new!

Satan always “masquerades as an Angel of light” claiming  to bring the “true knowledge” and “hidden knowledge”.  He claims we can evolve to a higher state of being if we would just unlock this knowledge.  Free ourselves.

This is 100% anti-Bible, but it can be so ensnaring to new believers!

Here are some other things to avoid when you see them mixed into something purporting to be Christianity:  a lot of triangles or pyramid shapes (a common demonic symbol), sun and moon images, alien looking people (greys), focus on the pineal gland in the brain as a key to unlocking something, the masonic compass and masonic symbols, the half crescent, the eye of Horus, goat heads, the all seeing eye (typically drawn in a pyramid shape), snakes, snakes giving birth to eggs or eating eggs, egg shapes over a head symbolizing new birth, and many many more!

I could go on and on, but this is a good starter list.  We’ll dig into this again in a future post.

Folks, beware of this stuff!  It is Satan masquerading as an angel of light, but there is no light in it!

There is nothing deeper than the message of the Gospel.

Back to my original message.

So I received this message saying I should check out this great “esoteric” teaching from Bill Donahue.  I knew about what to expect but I clicked over and watched it and could barely tolerate 5 minutes.  It is chalked full of Antichrist Spirit.  I left the link above so you could see for yourself, but only as a teaching tool.  Folks, do not be captivated by this stuff.  It is evil and comes from an Antichrist spirit.  You should avoid at all costs!

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  • Debra Lee September 12, 2018

    Typical western Christian fear based response, without any explanation, or dialogue, while you celebrate the Pagan Easter and Christmas mythical holidays adapted to your hollow “believe and be saved” religion without true obedience to Jesus “esoteric” teachings which are as plain as the nose on your face. How is it Western Christians have come to pervert the “Word” with obedience to corporate-structured institutions with feel good pop-culture worship, complicit to suffering and evil in their first world comfort? GOATS. When will the church as a body walk the talk, and actually obey the teachings of Jesus? When that happens, maybe you’ll have justification in your disparagment of others outside your handed down, stale rhetoric. This author has no backbone, no just same old fear based condemnation.

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