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WIKILEAKS: Obama, Clinton & Soros Overthrew Pope Benedict

Strap in folks, this is a wild one! If you've been friends with us for a while, you know we are no fans of Pope Francis.  In fact, the entire Vatican has stunk for a long,

Strap in folks, this is a wild one!

If you’ve been friends with us for a while, you know we are no fans of Pope Francis.  In fact, the entire Vatican has stunk for a long, long time.

But now it appears there may have been a coup from the outside, involving three people we like on just about the same level as Pope Francis:  Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and George Soros.

Yes, that’s right.  In a new report from Wikileaks, it’s now alleged that these three oversaw a coup to remove Pope Benedict.  How very interesting.  And who did they replace him with?  Yeah, I rest my case.

Here are more details, from Gloria TV:

George Soros, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton orchestrated a coup in the Vatican to overthrow the conservative Pope Benedict and replace him with radical leftist Pope Francis, according to a group of Catholic leaders citing evidence from various sources including WikiLeaks emails.

Pope Benedict XVI reigned as Pope of the Catholic Church from 2005 to 2013 before unexpectedly resigning in unusual circumstances. Becoming the first Pope to step down since Pope Gregory XII in 1415, Benedict is widely considered the first to do so on his own initiative since Pope Celestine V in 1294.

However the group of Catholic leaders cite new evidence uncovered in emails released by WikiLeaks to claim the conservative Pope Benedict did not actually resign on his own initiative, but was pushed out of the Vatican by a coup that the group of researchers are calling the “Catholic Spring.”

Soros, Obama and Clinton used the United States’ diplomatic machinery, political muscle, and financial power to coerce, bribe and blackmail “regime change” in the Roman Catholic Church in order to replace the conservative Benedict with the current Pope Francis – who has since become an unlikely mouthpiece for the international left, stunning Catholics around the world.

Now the group of Catholic leaders have sent a letter to President Trump urging him to launch an official investigation into the activities of George Soros, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton (and others) who they allege were involved in orchestrating Catholic Spring that resulted in their goal of “regime change” in the Vatican.

The Catholic leaders cite eight specific questions they seek to have answered concerning suspect events that led to the resignation of Pope Benedict, the first papal abdication in 700 years.

“Specifically, we have reason to believe that a Vatican ‘regime change’ was engineered by the Obama administration,” say the petitioners, in their January 20 letter to President Trump.

“We were alarmed to discover,” their letter notes, “that, during the third year of the first term of the Obama administration your previous opponent, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and other government officials with whom she associated proposed a Catholic ‘revolution’ in which the final demise of what was left of the Catholic Church in America would be realized.”

The letter includes links to documents and news stories underscoring their claims. It first directs attention to the notorious Soros-Clinton-Podesta e-mails disclosed last year by WikiLeaks, in which Podesta and other progressives discussed regime change to remove what they described as the “middle ages dictatorship” in the Catholic Church.

Regarding the Podesta e-mails in question, The New American reported last October:

“Podesta, a longtime Clinton adviser/confidante and hand-picked top activist for left-wing funder George Soros, revealed in a 2011 e-mail that he and other activists were working to effect a “Catholic Spring” revolution within the Catholic Church, an obvious reference to the disastrous “Arab Spring” coups organized that same year by the Obama-Clinton-Soros team that destabilized the Middle East and brought radical Islamist regimes and terrorist groups to power in the region.The Podesta e-mail is a response to another Soros-funded radical — Sandy Newman, founder of the “progressive” Voices for Progress. Newman had written to Podesta seeking advice on the best way to “plant the seeds of the revolution” in the Catholic Church, which he described as a “middle ages [sic] dictatorship.”

In their letter to President Trump, the group of Catholics leaders write: “Approximately a year after this e-mail discussion, which was never intended to be made public, we find that Pope Benedict XVI abdicated under highly unusual circumstances and was replaced by a pope whose apparent mission is to provide a spiritual component to the radical ideological agenda of the international left. The Pontificate of Pope Francis has subsequently called into question its own legitimacy on a multitude of occasions.”

“We remain puzzled by the behavior of this ideologically charged Pope, whose mission seems to be one of advancing secular agendas of the left rather than guiding the Catholic Church in Her sacred mission,” they say, expressing the thoughts of millions of Catholics around the world stunned by Pope Francis’s left-wing ideology. “It is simply not the proper role of a Pope to be involved in politics to the point that he is considered to be the leader of the international left.”

Not to us, O Lord, not to us,
But to Your name be the glory
Because of Your love and your faithfulness!


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  • nunyadambznss April 7, 2018

    Any catholics going to see their religion for what it is yet? Still following a man instead of Christ…Please see the light

  • Casey Dawson April 7, 2018

    The false prophet is on the scene….

  • Michael Pawlikowski April 7, 2018

    There was originally a very weird quote from Joe Biden – he was disappointed an American pope was not elected. He said something about the power that would have given America.

  • bob martin April 8, 2018

    Guess your religion interprets Matthew a way that justifies your stance. Catholic’s believe that they have strong grounds for their belief.

  • Rusalka April 8, 2018

    The question I have is: Do modern Catholics take every word the Pope says as how you should live your life? If yes, OMG! If no, good for you. Popes are like Presidents, they come and go, well eventually. I have a Catholic background and I side with the “no” crowd.

  • Deplorable J Covfefe III April 8, 2018

    It didn’t do them much good. Hillary lost.

  • el lobo April 8, 2018

    A prophet and a pope have two different missions from God. Your terminology is way off.

  • el lobo April 8, 2018

    Catholics distinguish between Christ and the pope just like they distinguished between Him and Peter. Did you get it?

  • el lobo April 8, 2018

    The pope is only as good as his teachings of the Catholic Doctrines. No pope is above the truth of Christ. When he deviates from these truths, he loses his credibility and appeal with the faithful. He is still allowed to stay on as pope in the hope that he can change his ways just like individual Catholics are given time by God to change his ways. The pope is given the respect of a sitting pope with his time allotted by God. In the end of his life, if this pope does not retract his heresies, he is later declared an anti-pope.

    Unlike Protestant Churches and cults, their pastors can change his teachings or deviate from truth while most of his members stay on as members. For this very reason, it is the Protestant Churches that become what they accuse Catholics of with their pope- followers of humans instead of Christ. Other Protestants who defect choose a sect that conforms to their personal belief as if they are choosing food from a cafeteria. Others who prefer to be “non denominational Christians” become their own pope and their own member of their own sect.

    It is a serious business for the good of your immortal soul to note the truths of God and to act on these truth rather than just go with the daily hyperboles propagated by the demonic common currents. To blunder because of foolhardiness, laziness or arrogance will have an eternal consequence.

    Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

  • el lobo April 8, 2018

    The 3- stooges of Hussein, Hillary and Soros may have engineered a maneuver to remove the true pope, but God engineered for their removal from their positions of power. In fact, God allowed this to happen because now we can see clearly that Catholics do not just follow popes like they would with Christ. Without the pope following Church Doctrines, the pope’s appeal to the Catholic public is simply ignored. This pope’s Masonic masters must be furious that all their time, effort and money is not panning out in ultimately destroying this Church that sits on the Rock of Peter.

    Pope Benedict XVI, must still be the true pope of Christ if his abdication was a coercion. This is probably what he meant when he said that there is a pope who runs the daily administration and, there is a pope who runs the spiritual (not his exact words).

    “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph; the pope will consecrate Russia,” said Our Lady of Fatima. I believe it would be Pope Benedict XVI who will do that consecration. The other pope has no interest in doing so.

  • el lobo April 8, 2018

    A pope is elected for the good of the world, not for his country and people alone. That is why he chooses on a new name. He loses his name and country.

    Joe Biden who professes to be Catholic is lost.

  • Mikie Snaxx April 9, 2018

    Religion is the number one enemy of Socialism/Communism which is what Hillary planned for America.

  • nunyadambznss April 9, 2018

    Using the old “Jesus said he’ll build his church on Peter” argument eh? Peter never went to Rome nor did he build catholicism so there’s really no other way to justify what Matthew 16: 13-20 says other than Jesus intended for Peter to be the one to spread the Gospel after He was gone. In no way did he say “Build a whole governmental body/religion and you be the head after I’m gone and completely disregard many of the commandments I’ve given you in the past and my mom will be on the same level as me too”. As it stands any religion today that goes by the bible could claim to be built by Jesus himself considering without Jesus there would be no church or new testament at all. Catholicism may have had good intentions in the beginning but has turned into RELIGION instead of a RELATIONSHIP with Christ. Justify anything you wish but the pope also referred to as the vicar (substitute, deputy, representative) of Christ over all of the catholic church is far from being anywhere near representative much less a substitute for Him. That is the leader of the whole organization? I’d like to know what scriptures justify mary as being anything more than the young girl God chose to be the vessel for Christ to come into the world? Where’s it mention her being sinless? Where does it mention her being “queen” of anything? It’s not exactly rocket science to see catholicism is flawed unless you’re brought up being brainwashed into believing the lies. I won’t reply back so before the “your religion yada yada yada” begins know that I’m am not a part of any religion, do not go to church but have read the bible through and through more than a few times. My beliefs are based solely on what is written not what has been told to me to be the truth. If you can’t say the same for your beliefs or even that you’ve read the bible through and through more than a few times it would be wise to read ALL of it and disregard anything you believe to be truth if you find scripture against it.

  • bob martin April 9, 2018

    Oh, horse pucky. I could care less if you don’t share my faith. I look upon that as your problem, not mine. You need to quit picking fights with those who love Jesus. I’ll rely on Aquinas for my metaphysical thoughts. Have a nice after life.

  • MzT April 10, 2018

    Have a good friend who is Catholic to the core, so she would not believe anything against Pope Frank, if it bit her on the behind. It’s pretty much a waste of time to argue with a dyed-in-the-wool Catholic – they take “Ex Cathedra” literally. I grew up Catholic, but found my way over to making a personal commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ in my mid 20s. Now when I read Catholic literature, it just doesn’t make any sense.

  • matt93312 April 11, 2018

    Your loyalty to tradition is admirable. You should consider following the earliest tradition who’s head is Christ. Despite the RCC’s insistence that all prophecy has been fulfilled, we are seeing it unfold before our very eyes. Your loyalty won’t be counted as merit when you live in willful deception.

    Rev 22:7 “Behold, I am coming quickly! Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book.”

  • S.C.Murf April 11, 2018

    Peter is not the rock
    up the hill

  • Alwyn Fernandes May 6, 2018

    Just as Judas Iscariot one of the 12 Apostles chosen by Jesus himself does not define the office of the Apostles of Jesus so also any one not so good Pope does not define the Papacy. The Papacy was ordained by Jesus himself when he told Peter, “You are Peter and on this rock I shall build my Church…”. The true Church is only the Church built upon Peter whose office continued after he died in the Papacy. The present times will also pass and the Church will remain in all her glory because she is and always will be the true Body of Christ. The gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church and these r Jesus’ own words and hence so shall it be.

  • Guest4ever May 15, 2018

    So, who are these Catholic leaders?

  • Guest4ever May 15, 2018

    The head of the RCC is STILL Christ.

  • Guest4ever May 15, 2018

    Nope. We follow the head of the RCC; Christ Himself. Learn!!!

  • Guest4ever May 15, 2018

    Tell me about The Body and Blood of Christ. Oh, and while you’re at it, tell me about Judas Iscariot. You have sincerely lost your way, big time!

  • Guest4ever May 15, 2018

    Thank you!

  • Guest4ever May 15, 2018

    Ex Cathedra

  • Guest4ever May 15, 2018

    Thank you!

  • Guest4ever May 15, 2018

    Thank you!!!

  • Skay May 15, 2018

    Hillary, Obama and certainly Soros who backed them both.

  • Skay May 15, 2018

    Absolutely. He is pro abortion.

  • matt93312 May 15, 2018

    Who cares about the RCC?! Who is Jesus to you?

    That’s all that matters.

  • matt93312 May 15, 2018

    Is there anyone reading this that thinks that the next Pope is going to be an improvement?

    The RCC is starting to purge the conservatives and is moving toward universalism. Universal as in anti-biblical, pro-Mohammad-Joseph Smith-Buddha-Benny Hinn-Karl Marx-Oprah Winfrey- Deepak Chopra, and even the Atheists. In other words, those who own a bible to put their drink on.

  • Karen May 16, 2018

    Your statement makes no sense whatsoever, but I don’t care. I know what I believe and I believe in Jesus Christ – the only way to God the Father…not looking to pick a fight either

  • MyLovelyNose May 17, 2018


  • Susan Ford Keller July 4, 2018

    I need to see the Wikileak source material – the emails, the letters, etc – before I can give credence to this. When you post them, let us all know.

  • SILENTHAMMER August 29, 2018


  • SILENTHAMMER August 29, 2018

    Who is Jesus to YOU?

  • SILENTHAMMER August 29, 2018

    Satan NEVER rests! The Roman Catholic Church is ESTABLISHED by Jesus Christ, and guided by The Holy Spirit, for “Behold, I will be with you always, even unto the end of time.” You people who want to bash the Church need to remember Jesus words about ‘humans judging humans’ when he told us to look at their fruit. We are the hands and voice of Christ on Earth, and that’s the way He MADE it. Satan can deceive the innocent. He can empower the wicked. And he can send moles into the Catholic Church. It is WE CATHOLICS who ARE THE CHURCH. Men are fallible, but The Holy Spirit is not. We worship God The Holy Trinity and no other. We humans on Earth are weak, and can withstand Satan’s evil ONLY with the help of The Spirit. “For ALL have sinned”, as we read in St. Paul. But Jesus WANTS US! Not as we ARE, but as we CAN BE. Yes, He MEETS us as we are, but He admonishes us to “Be PERFECT as My Father in Heaven is perfect”. Pope Francis is probably a good man at heart. But I believe he is weak, intellectually. Emotionally. We were SPOILED with Pope St. John Paul II. The “one-world order” hated him. Plotted against him. And FAILED (because he was The Virgin Mary’s MAN!) So bash if you like. I don’t care, really. But look at the OVERWHELMING FRUIT of The Church over the millennia. The bad fruit in the barrel will be plucked out and fed to the hogs. The remainder of the barrel is sweet. God Bless America! God Bless The Catholic Church! God Bless President Donald J. Trump!

  • SILENTHAMMER August 29, 2018

    Whence is your anger? What is your goal? You really haven’t studied Catholicism, have you? What do you want to say now?

  • SILENTHAMMER August 29, 2018

    If you believe that Roman Catholics place the pope BEFORE The Lord Jesus, you are ignorant. Not stupid, but ignorant. This Roman Catholic Church BELONGS to Jesus and ME. We work together: He is The Head, and I am His hands. The problem in The Church is that we are HUMAN, and thus fallible. We can and WILL make mistakes. But Jesus will ALWAYS be here, and we are guided by The Holy Spirit, Whom Jesus SENDS to us. Why don’t you go to a Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults at a Catholic Church to SEE what we believe and learn. No obligation. Open discussion. The leave. Your choice.

  • SILENTHAMMER August 29, 2018

    Do you feed the hungry? Clothe the naked? Console the sorrowful? Visit the imprisoned? Do you consume the Body of Christ and drink His Blood? DO YOU HAVE LIFE WITHIN YOU? Do you believe that Jesus intended Peter to be the last earthly leader of His Church? Did Jesus not give the Apostles the power as priests to offer the Sacrifice of Eucharist — His Body and Blood, to Forgive Sins, to sanctify marriage, to sacramentally Baptize and establish a marriage of man and woman as a covenant WITH God? These are the things and beliefs of MY Church. They are NOT covered in The Nicene or Apostles’ Creeds, but they are true. We call humans who preached the Gospel and died for doing it “Saints”, but that’s not in the creed, either (yes, “the communion of saints” is). The Immaculate Conception in which Jesus is conceived By The Holy Spirit into a SINLESS, avowed virgin after her assent –“her YES, I WILL!” to God through Gabriel, God’s MESSENGER IS in the Creed. Her “sinlessness” is ESTABLISHED by Gabiel’s words (and thus God Almighty’s) “…full of Grace”. But NOWHERE in The Catholic Church will you find that we either WORSHIP Mary or need her as an Intercessor to Jesus. Nowhere. Do I pray to her? You BET! She is My Mother, and I speak with her every day (God made us FAMILY just before He gave up His spirit on The Cross). God Bless You and yours. Let’s talk.

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