Chuck Missler Makes Strong Case For the Pre-Trib Rapture

Do you know Chuck Missler? I am surprised and somewhat embarrassed to say I only recently discovered him.What an amazing man of God!  And brilliant scholar.You can just tell by the demeanor of some people that

Do you know Chuck Missler?

I am surprised and somewhat embarrassed to say I only recently discovered him.

What an amazing man of God!  And brilliant scholar.

You can just tell by the demeanor of some people that they carry Jesus in them.  They have a calm and a confidence about them.  And they exude warmth and decency.  Dan Mohler is like that as well.  And I see the same Christ in Chuck that I see in Dan.  It doesn’t mean he’s perfect, but it means I can tell he’s a great brother in Christ.

I recently found his messages and have been really enjoying them.  He’s obviously brilliant, but the messages are easy to understand and don’t go over your head.

The most recent one was his case for a Pre-Trib Rapture.  I should back up a minute and give a bit of a disclaimer.  This article is going to get a little “nerdy”.  As in, we’re going to dig into some eschatological topics.  That’s a fancy word for “end times”.  Some people love getting into this stuff and studying and debating.  I find it fascinating.  I think it’s important, though, to always say this stuff isn’t the essence of Christianity.  It’s not the core.  It’s not the “majors”.  So when good Christians come down on different sides of these debates, that’s ok!  It shouldn’t divide us, it should be good, healthy scholarship and nothing more.

I have to confess I don’t have a hard position on the Rapture.  Whether it will happen, and if so, will it happen before the Tribulation or after.  I’ve heard really good cases for both, but this case from Missler explains why it really must happen BEFORE the Great Tribulation.

I have to say, he makes a great case, and it’s why I wanted to share it with you.

The biggest part of his case comes down to the concept of “imminence”.  Which he kind of pronounces as “eminence” in the video, and that can be kind of confusing.  But he’s saying “imminence” which means the Bible teaches us to be ready for the Rapture at any time.  It could be “imminent”!  It doesn’t mean it has to happen tomorrow, but it means it COULD.  There is no additional condition we are waiting for.

Missler’s argument is a good one.

He also makes the very clear distinction between the Rapture and the Second Coming of Jesus.  I think this trips up a lot of people.  Most people think they are the same thing, but again, Missler makes a fantastic case of why they are in fact two very different things.  And why the Rapture must happen first, and the Second Coming will be a different event happening later, after the Great Tribulation.  Absolutely fascinating!

He also makes a good argument about the 4 Lamp Stands in Revelation.  These Lamp Stands are clearly defined as representing the Church.  They are there in Revelation 1 and then gone by Chapter 4.  Where did they go?  To Heaven.  A very salient point by Messler.  I’ve heard many teachers talk about Revelation and point out where the Church is at different points along the way, but Missler seems to have nailed it here.

Without further adieu, please enjoy this great video and then leave YOUR comments down below:


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