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Revival Breaks Out With The Youth In West Virginia!

No, you won't hear about this on the news.  But you should! Do you think revival is something of the past?  Something that couldn't possibly happen in America today? Do you think it's limited to things and

No, you won’t hear about this on the news.  But you should!

Do you think revival is something of the past?  Something that couldn’t possibly happen in America today?

Do you think it’s limited to things and times like Azuza Street or the Toronto Revival?

You’d be wrong.  Revival has broken out in full force in West Virginia and is spreading in the Appalachian region of the United States!  Praise God!  And here’s what’s even more stunning….it’s not being led by pastors or preachers or traveling evangelists.  It’s being led by the youth.  As in, high schoolers!


Reports are coming in of a massive revival building in small towns through out West Virginia’s coal country hard hit by the economic crisis and America’s harsh environmental policies putting thousands out of work.

An estimated 4,000 people have accepted Christ in this largely rural area where communities range in size from 500 to a few thousand people.

The first inkling of what was to come appeared in late March, 2016, when a student at Logan High, Skyler Miller — a leukemia survivor, spontaneously started preaching in the school hallways. Logan, West Virginia has a population of 1,779 according to the 2010 census.

Rather than reacting negatively to the message, many students stood and watched. The Holy Spirit showed up and some even responded while other students were looking on.

But the revival that tepidly stirred among the youth spread into a Church of God in nearby Delbarton, West Virginia — population 579 .

Pastor Mitchell Bias of Regional Church of God believed God wanted him to bring in a young 31-year old evangelist, Matt Hartley from Tennessee for a series of meetings.

There were meetings at the church from April 10 to 13th and then at a neighboring Christian School in Williamson, population 3,190. God was clearly moving, but the breakthrough came when Hartley preached at what they expected would be a small prayer group of about 40 teens at Mingo Central High on King Coal Highway in Delbarton.

Instead, 450 students gathered and after Hartley preached a short but stirring message on sin, 150 students responded to the Gospel.  A second prayer meeting held two days later saw a similar crowd with well over a hundred students responding.

Watch a moment from an event here:

Here’s more, from

After a few weeks of rest, the young evangelist at the center of the revival in West Virginia that brought 4,000 to Christ, says God is not done pouring out his Spirit in coal country and beyond.

“Hear me West Virginia. I know that God has moved in the last eight weeks where over 4000 people have come to Jesus, but there has been warfare ever since, and the devil is trying to abort what God has started,” Matt Hartley said.

He spoke at the Williamson, West Virginia Field House on August 8th, and will be speaking at the same venue the following two nights. Next week he will preach in Huntington, West Virginia, near the Ohio border.

“Hear me tonight. Man didn’t start this thing and man cannot control it. It was started by a sovereign God and tonight there is a sound of heaven about to be released in this room,” he declared.

Hartley preached from 2 Samuel 5, when God instructed David in his fight against the Philistines with an unorthodox warfare strategy:

First, God said to “circle around behind them” and wait near the Mulberry trees. “And when you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the Mulberry trees, then you shall act promptly, for then the Lord will have gone out before you to strike the army of the Philistines.”

When God’s people allowed the Lord to fight the battles, victory was always assured.

“There is a sound tonight that hell is getting nervous over. I prophesy that God shall arise and His enemies will be scattered,” Hartley declared.

“God is connecting heaven with earth and there is a sound as God begins to walk through West Virginia. I hear God walking through West Virginia tonight, setting captives free.”

Watch high schooler Matt Hartley preaching:

Todd White has even been there:

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