Don’t Be Misled By The Deception of “Inner Healing”

Thank you Todd White for speaking truth! I'm going to warn you ahead of time, this one is going to ruffle some feathers.Big time.I know that from my own personal experience, and Todd confirms it in

Thank you Todd White for speaking truth!

I’m going to warn you ahead of time, this one is going to ruffle some feathers.

Big time.

I know that from my own personal experience, and Todd confirms it in the first few minutes of this video.

But do you remember when Jesus said “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”?

Has that verse ever struck you as weird?

It has to me, but right now I think I get it.  Because I feel the same way.  I’m not here to coddle you or tell you what your ears WANT to hear.  I’m hear to tell you the truth.  And we all know the truth is sharper than a two-edged sword.  Hey, there’s that “sword” word again…

So I’m not going to give you the training wheels version of this and Todd certainly doesn’t.

“Inner healing” is all the rage right now, but it’s never sat right with me.

I went to one class once just to see what it is, and it IMMEDIATELY did not sit right in my spirit.


Because it was all self-focused.  It was all analytical, looking at ourselves, looking at our past.

Did you know the Bible does not ONCE — not in one place, check me on this — tell you to study your past or examine your past or revel in your past.

Not.  In.  One.  Place.

You know what it says instead?

It says set your eyes upon Jesus!  Lift your head, look to him!  Let your focus be forward and on HIM!

It says it is for freedom you have been set free!

Not even that you’re “being set free” but it’s a command over and over from Jesus… free!

Inner Healing flies directly in the face of what the Bible teaches and while it sounds good to what our ears want to hear, I think it’s actually very dangerous.

But enough from me.

Todd does it better than I could, so please listen with an open heart.

Before you even click play, I challenge you to pray about what you’re about to hear and then pray again afterwards.

Let the Holy Spirit (not me, not Todd, not your pastor, not the person running the Inner Healing class at your local church) — let the Holy Spirit be your guide and your counselor on this matter!

Here you go:

And now, because I know some people get turned off by Todd because of his appearance (too bad!), I give you Dan Mohler who has also hit this topic numerous times in the past.

If you don’t know Dan, wow….you’re going to LOVE him!

I think Dan carries the single clearest message of the Gospel of anyone alive on the Earth today.

And even compared to Billy Graham, I think Dan has a special anointing.

So if you want some additional firepower after listening to Todd, please enjoy these from Dan Mohler:

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