Joel Osteen Comes Up With a THIRD Excuse For Why He Didn’t Open His Megachurch; Contradicts the First Two

Things have gone from bad to worse for Joel Osteen. It used to be that the only thing he was criticized for was being a little "shallow" in the Biblical literacy department.You know, stuff like this:But

Things have gone from bad to worse for Joel Osteen.

It used to be that the only thing he was criticized for was being a little “shallow” in the Biblical literacy department.

You know, stuff like this:

But this week he has really taken it on the chin with what many are calling a tone-deaf response to the Houston flooding.  

We originally reported on this story on Monday, reporting that Osteen failed to open his 16,000+ seat megachurch to flood victims, despite it reportedly being just fine and not flooded itself.

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After a night of pretty intense criticism, Osteen reversed course and opened up his church to flood victims the following morning.

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When he decided to open on Tuesday, he released a statement to TMZ that the reason they hadn’t opened earlier was that they were flooded themselves.

The only problem with that is that many eyewitness videos then started popping up online showing the Lakewood Church facility very clearly above water and doing just fine.

So….that brings us to this morning, when Osteen went on the Today Show and offered up a couple additional excuses, all of which contradict each other!

He first said that “their doors had always been open.”  Perhaps realizing that wasn’t true, he doubled back and said the real reason they didn’t open is because no one asked them to.  Oh boy, Joel, that’s not good!  I hope you didn’t spend all night coming up with that one!

Of course, all of these stories contradict each other.  Joel…were you flooded or not?  Were you open or not?

And to everyone saying to stop picking on the Christians, we are of course a PRO CHRISTIAN publication here at LGD, we just take it seriously when someone like this makes us all look bad!

Here is the report, from Yahoo News / HuffPost:

Pastor Joel Osteen can’t seem to get his story straight about why he didn’t offer his 16,800-seat megachurch in Houston as a shelter sooner for those displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

During an appearance on NBC’s “TODAY” show Wednesday, the head of Lakewood Church said its doors have “always been open.” Minutes later, he appeared to reverse course and admit that the church hadn’t initially encouraged victims to seek shelter there.

“If people were here, they’d realize there were safety issues,” Osteen said during the TV appearance. “We were just being precautious, but the main thing is the city didn’t ask us to become a shelter then.”

Dozens of Houston-area churches, schools and community centers opened their doors to offer temporary shelter to survivors as Hurricane Harvey pummeled the city earlier this week.

Lakewood Church, however, posted on Sunday that the building was “inaccessible” due to flooding and encouraged people to seek shelter elsewhere.

After backlash mounted on social media, a spokesman for the church announced Tuesday that it was prepared to shelter displaced people ― “once the cities and county shelters reach capacity.”

When asked if he would done anything differently to avoid the onslaught of criticism aimed at him on social media over the last few days, Osteen said he would.

“Yeah, I’m sure we would have done something differently,” Osteen said. But he added: “The fact is I don’t know that we would have opened any sooner, because again there were safety issues.”

And he continued to put the onus on city officials, claiming Lakewood Church would have offered shelter had it been asked.

“It’s easy to say, ‘Wow, there’s that building. They’re not using it.’ But we don’t have volunteers,” Osteen said. “We don’t have staff that could get here. We’re all about helping the city whenever we could ― if they would have asked us to become a shelter early on, we would have prepared for it.”

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