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Hillary Clinton Just Announced She Wants to Become…..A Pastor

Yup, you read that right. And no, this is not The Onion.   We only publish real news here at LGD. "Pastor Clinton"

Yup, you read that right.

And no, this is not The Onion.  

We only publish real news here at LGD.

“Pastor Clinton” …. yeah that just doesn’t sound right.  Unless, I guess, she meant pastor of this guy’s church?  Ok, now that makes sense!

But seriously, she just said she thinks her next step may be to become a pastor.  Wow.

Memo to Hillary: if you want to become a pastor, step one is not holding seances and claiming you communicate with the dead.  True story, read it here.

Anyway, here’s the full report on the new breaking story, from The Blaze:

According to Pastor Bill Shillady, Hillary Clinton wants to make a move toward becoming an ordained Methodist minister.

A report by The Atlantic made claims on Sunday that Clinton told Shillady during a recent photo shoot for his latest book on the devotionals he sent her during the 2016 presidential election.

Clinton, in the past, made no bones about her religious leanings.

In a 1994 interview with Newsweek, she discussed with writer Kenneth Woodward that her religion is of utmost importance to her.

From Newsweek’s interview:

“… Long before [Clinton] was a Democrat, a lawyer, or a Clinton, Hillary Rodham was a Methodist. And that, say those who know her now as well as those who knew her when, is the way the First Lady is best understood. She thinks like a Methodist, talks like a Methodist and wants to reform society just like a well-Sunday-schooled Methodist churchwoman should. ‘I am,’ she told Newsweek in an exclusive interview at the White House last week, ‘an old-fashioned Methodist.’”
Interestingly enough, Newsweek, at the time, called the Clintons one of the most “openly religious First Couple this century has seen.”

The interview asked of its readers, “Can this Hillary Clinton be real? Though conservatives may doubt her religious convictions, and liberals wish them away, Hillary Rodham Clinton is as pious as she is political.”

Clinton even told Newsweek in the 1994 interview that she thought abortion was wrong.

“Despite what some critics believe, the nation’s First Lady is not markedly feminist in her religion,” journalist Woodward wrote. ” She thinks abortion is ‘wrong,’ but, like [Bill Clinton], she says, ‘I don’t think it should be criminalized.’ She does not follow feminist theology and seems unaware of the upheaval its most radical exponents have created among Methodists in the name of greater inclusiveness.”

During the interview, Clinton even attacked the media and said, “The secular press doesn’t know how to talk about religion except in stereotypes. I think they’ve done a great disservice to many people who are in what is loosely called the religious right.”

She also told Woodward in the ’94 interview that she thought “all the time” about becoming an ordained minister, and with Shillady’s book of devotionals based on the former first lady and former presidential nominee — titled “Strong for a Moment Like This: The Daily Devotions of Hillary Rodham Clinton” — describes how her faith impacted her presidential run in 2016.

About the book, Shillady said, “It’s an inspirational book. I do not believe that she encouraged me to write this book in any way to change the image of her. She really found [the devotionals] so helpful to her in the midst of the contentious campaign that she felt that people would find some hope … from it.”

“Given her depth of knowledge of the Bible and her experience of caring for people and loving people, she’d make a great pastor,” Shillady told The Atlantic. “No, she probably won’t go to seminary … no, she probably won’t pursue an official lay position in the Methodist church, like deaconess.”

What do YOU think?  

Can you see a Pastor Hillary in the future?  Comment below!

Not to us, O Lord, not to us,
But to Your name be the glory
Because of Your love and your faithfulness!

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  • Patricia Henretty August 7, 2017


  • Kay riley August 7, 2017

    Methodist in orange paint suit

  • Zarkia August 7, 2017

    That woman has committed so many sins, Satan can’t keep track of them all. How in the world does she believe she could be a pastor?

  • Jon Richardson August 8, 2017

    Now I Know Hell’s Frozen Over!

  • The Light August 8, 2017

    Wow! If this is a true story, it means that God is working to change and give America and the entire world a new direction. Clinton’s administration was one of the most liberal in the Modern world. Would she be able to correct the wrongs done already through their liberal machines? Only time shall tell.

  • The Light August 8, 2017

    There is nothing God cannot do. We can only wait and see the type of pastor she’s going to be. You should also know that we have so many fake people today who parade themselves as pastors.

  • Sheri Smith August 8, 2017

    If this is a true story, then it is only a political move. She is a witch. Pedophilia and human trafficking files and suspected murder found the backup files that her Muslim assistant made copies of and stored on her husband Weiner’s home computer, videos and info on the DC sex ring. NY police officers in-the-know about that bust being murdered. Along with thousands of classified emails compromised and millions upon millions of dollars from foreign governments funneled through the Clinton Foundation, our highly classified technology compromised to hostile foreign governments. I cant go on… too much. Anyone who would actually believe she wants to be a pastor has been living unplugged and not in the real world.PS I hope to see her prosecuted for her crimes. And, yes, I am a god-fearing Christian. God saved us from Hillary in the last election. She is a real witch.

  • Susan Hampton August 8, 2017

    What a bunch of hooey! This is her new fake persona to run for president in 2020.
    It’s not going to fly!
    “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!”

  • Roy Scott August 8, 2017

    I would suggest we all ponder on Paul…. but also remember we are warned to “test the spirits”

  • Stephanie G119 August 8, 2017

    Your headline is misleading. Your second paragraph is not complete, so the rest of the article is a jumble of 1994 events mixed in with the recent meeting with an author.

  • jteagle5 August 8, 2017

    If we were living in the days of the Old Testament law and not in the current day of “grace,” she and Bill would have been struck dead years ago. She had a blood clot in her head and has been subject to seizures every since. Seems like she and John McCain are suffering from the same illness and it has affected their cognitive processes. Like Hillary, the Methodist Church is losing supporters. As of December 2015, according to the most recent data, The United Methodist Church has lost 116,063 members – the stark equivalent to losing a 318-member local church every day of the year. On the other hand, perhaps she thinks that becoming a pastor will give her forgiveness of all the crimes she has committed, along with Bill, since her days in Arkansas. This woman needs our prayers.

  • Yiena Salin August 8, 2017

    She is doing it to get at the collection plate!!!!!

  • Carolyn Thibodaux August 9, 2017

    LOL! Surely, this is fake news! Hillary…a pastor!!!??? She first needs to admit her sins, repent.

  • Hrnsly August 9, 2017

    Bull. Hillary couldn’t repeat the Apostle’s Creed if she tried. Martin Luther would have burned her at the stake. She is an Apostle of Satan.

  • Jackie Czarzasty August 10, 2017

    Ha ha, sure . . . in her dreams. This woman has no values, integrity or character. This demonstates how narcissistic and delusional she really is.

  • JayB12 January 18, 2018

    She wants to challenge God for power.

  • Marie Goodwin January 19, 2018

    Well, they DO NEED prison chaplans.

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